PDR Gains membership to BRE SmartWaste

PDR recently became members of BRE SmartWaste, a waste and environmental management reporting tool.

The software will be utilised on all projects and will produce, record and report again Site Waste Management Plans and Energy Consumption.

The system also aligns with BREEAM requirements reporting where credits can be achieved and recording evidence against each credit.

A further benefit to the software is the collation of data against all projects to provide benchmarking and areas of improvements with the data feeding into our external ISO Audits.

Site teams will be supported by Head Office administrators, all of whom have received user training, carried out by BRE.

We will see the first project, Beal Homes new HQ, go live with the software in July.

Commenting on the System Ian Barker, Quality Manager said:

“This system is going to bring real benefit to PDR and our Clients.  It provides real time data and reports at any given time, as well as having the added benefits of aligning with BREEAM and ISO Audits.  We will see benefits in terms of time, resource and information control.  Going forward our aim is to further utilise SmartWaste on other environmental considerations such as material management – once we are happy with the role out of Waste Management and Energy Consumption reporting”.

For more information on the software visit https://www.bresmartsite.com/products/smartwaste/

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