Mental Health Training

Mental Health First Aid Training for PDR Staff

At PDR we understand and believe our staff’s mental wellbeing is as important as their physical wellbeing.  As part of our commitment to this we have introduced Mental Health First Aiders into the Business.

Four of our colleagues have now completed their Mental Health First Aid Certification and are available to provide support, guidance and help to their colleagues on mental health issues.

Speaking about the training, Nick Baldwin, Defects Manager and Michelle Rastrick, Administrative Assistant said

“The course was really interesting and enlightening; learning how to recognise signs of someone who may need help, how to listen and how to signpost them to specialists.  It also broadened our understanding of our own mental health wellbeing.  The course won’t just help me and my PDR colleagues but also my family and friends. 

If you are offered a place on a mental health and wellbeing course, I would definitely recommend it.  You never know who you may be able to help in the future”.

The training will now be rolled out to all Line Managers, which will help educate more of our staff on the complex issue of Mental Health and what we can do to support one another.


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